garage steel 500x500
Steel Structure Workshop Garage Shed 4.2(W)x13.6(D)x2.9(H)m Single & Roller Door
December 17, 2019
garage steel 500x500
Steel Structure Workshop Garage Shed 4.2(W)x17.5(D)x2.9(H)m Single & Roller Door
December 17, 2019
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garage steel 500x500garage steel 500x500

Steel Structure Workshop Garage Shed 4.2(W)x15.6(D)x2.9(H)m Single & Roller Door



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A freestanding, 50X50mm steel tube structure garage with a roller door – 2.3m high and 2.64m wide access!

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Item Description:

    • Freestanding workshop or garage shed; it can be built on any solid level ground and does not require a concrete slab
    • Strong and sturdy steel structure; steel tube frames are 50x50x1.5mm and steel tube trusses are 20x40x1.2mm
    • Stylish and spacious; this shed has a wall height of 2.5m and a peak height of 2.9m with no corner or centre braces required
    • Thicker aluminium roller door; 0.88mm rather than 0.33mm
    • Double pressed and galvanized ColorSteel steel sheets; stronger formed with 7 ribs
    • Each 15.6(D)m wall consists of 9 upright posts; spaced roughly 2m apart
    • Can withstand strong winds due to strong double wall bracing
    • All parts used are galvanized and rust-free
    • Hinged, lockable door for secure storage
    • Easier assembly; main structure uses a slot-in design and all panels are attached by self-tapping screws
    • Direct import and sold at below wholesale price with huge savings off the RRP!!!

Building Dimensions:

Shed Size:         4230(W) x 15625(D) x 2900(H)mm
Overall Size:IIIII4300(W) x 15625(D) x 2900(H)mm
Concrete Slab: 4280(W) x 15675(D)mm (Recommended if needed)
Height:IIIIIIIIIIIII2530mm (Wall) / 2900mm (Ridge)
Door Size:         2640(W) x 2300(H)mm (Roller Door) & 850(W) x 1900(H)mm (Single Door)

Carton Dimensions:

Carton A:          220 x 99 x 50cm (1150kg)
Carton B:          300 x 50 x 50cm (50kg)
Total Weight:   1200kg
This product can be collected with a 7ft trailer/ute/van from our warehouse or any depot.

Note: If you need a council permit, please contact us first before you purchase.

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